Early in the morning we took a pre-breakfast outing, and Santiago Island immediately captivated our guests with its natural beauty and rich biodiversity.

Espumilla Beach was a serene paradise, offering us the chance to stroll along its pristine sandy shores and the sea turtle nesting areas. The beach's mangrove forests provide a habitat for various bird species, including pelicans, mockingbirds, finches, and herons. We had an amazing encounter with a baby green sea turtle, which we discovered making its way to the ocean. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of us, as we followed the steps of this tiny little creature just after it was born. 

Buccaneer's Cove continues to allure, transporting the visitors to a bygone era of pirates and maritime legends. The towering cliffs and sea caves stand as silent witnesses to the island's storied past. Here we had opportunities to explore by kayak, glass bottom boat, and snorkeling along the bay. The snorkeling session here is one of the favorites on this itinerary.

Puerto Egas retains its reputation as a wildlife enthusiast's dream. The volcanic landscape is striking, offering stunning vistas that combine ancient lava flows with the crashing waves of the sea. Galapagos fur seals, marine iguanas, and Sally Lightfoot crabs provided endless opportunities for observation and photography. The island’s well-preserved trails offer encounters with sea lions, lava lizards, and many species of shorebirds, highlighting the remarkable diversity of the Galapagos wildlife. 

The natural beauty, historical significance, and diverse wildlife create an immersive and unforgettable experience. The shores of this important main island offer stunning views of pristine waters and colorful mountain landscapes. With its vast vegetation and amazing fauna, Santiago captivates all who visit this special place.