Since the Galapagos is near the middle of the planet, cold water currents come from the south from June to the end of November. From December to May, warm water currents come from the north. Some guests have visited the Galapagos more than once and in different seasons. They have experienced the diverse weather, including the changeable temperature of the water and the air. Nonetheless, any time is a good time to experience the paradise known as the Galapagos Islands.

This morning, we woke to a little swell crashing against the rocks and enjoyed a nice kayak and a beautiful dinghy ride along this historic place known as Buccaneer Cove.

In the afternoon, we taught our young Global Explorers how to drive a Zodiac and then prepared for water activities and a nature walk along the coast of Puerto Egas. What a great way to end another fantastic visit to paradise.