Today National Geographic Islander II anchored in Buccaneer´s Cove; it was named for the pirates that used to frequent the area, and was Charles Darwin’s favorite island. This was a strategic spot for privateers, whalers, and explorers. As the third-largest island in the archipelago, Santiago has a lot of mysteries, flora, and fauna to amaze our visitors.

We started the morning early with a kayaking activity. Favorable conditions allowed our guests to experience the immense structures made of ash, and to enjoy the distinctive feeding behavior of the blue-footed boobies. We concluded our morning activities with an exploration of the underwater world.

To finish our day we visited Puerto Egas. Some guests enjoyed a relaxing time on a basaltic eroded beach, while some went for a walk along the island. The trail goes around the arid zone and along the coastline — a nice opportunity to explore the intertidal zone.