Our expedition has come to an end, but we couldn’t leave the Galapagos Islands without visiting Santiago, Lindblad’s adopted island. Santiago, also known by its English name, James, is the third largest island of the Galapagos archipelago. Just like Isabela, Santiago had a problem when introduced goats damaged its vegetation and affected the endemic fauna. Lindblad Expedition helped finance the eradication of the goats. Thanks to this help, we can now show people around the world the beauty that Santiago has to offer.

Our morning started with a pre-breakfast walk along Espumilla Beach, a site well-visited by nesting sea turtles. We continued our morning in the water with Zodiac rides, kayaking, and an exciting snorkel full of whitetip reef sharks.

Our last afternoon on the Galapagos ended in a magical place called Puerto Egas, where the land and the ocean meet in the beautiful grottos of Santiago. Sea lions, marine iguanas, seabirds, and marine iguanas call the collapsed lava tubes home.

Galapagos is a magical place where conservation transforms endemism into beautiful memories that our guests will take home forever!