The early bird catches the worm. We were up for lots of worm catching today and the early morning activities really paid off. The Ecuadorian sun was at its mildest when we went walking and kayaking, with plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery to see. The snorkeling at Santa Fe Bay was everybody’s favorite with plenty of fish to identify, playful sea lions cavorting, and a couple of sea turtles to keep us company. The enormous Santa Fe prickly pears are a remarkable sight, no picture can do them justice.

At midday we headed for San Cristobal Island. Our destination: the beach at Wizard Hill and Kicker Rock for a circumnavigation while we sipped a glass of wine during sunset. Not a bad way to finish an expedition around the Galapagos Archipelago. As they say, “You may be leaving the islands, but the islands will never leave you”. I could not agree more.