As we started our adventure in the Galapagos Islands, we headed for about three and a half hours towards Bartolomé Island. A famous island used in movies, Bartolomé is located east of Santiago Island and is only 1.3 square kilometers (0.5 square miles).

Our guests had options to start the day with an early morning walk or a Zodiac exploration to appreciate different geological structures and pioneer vegetation. After a thirty-minute walk up 372 stairs, guests took in an iconic view of the Galápagos, which is featured in the movie Master and Commander. After this activity, we finished with an underwater exploration of Bartolomé’s marine life.

For the afternoon, we continued for an hour and forty minutes to the western side of Santa Cruz Island to explore Cerro Dragón, also known as Dragon Hill. The island is named after the endemic Galapagos land iguana. For our last outing, we took a 1.7-mile walk through a dry forest to spot the iconic iguanas and many endemic locusts.