Today our expedition started on the arid northwestern side of Santa Cruz Island. Before breakfast, we walked up Cerro Dragon to search for the famed Galapagos land iguanas. We observed many charismatic animals including the endemic land iguanas. For those not wanting an arduous hike, a Zodiac ride was offered. After breakfast, we went deep-water snorkeling along the rocky shoreline of Santa Cruz Island. We saw numerous schools of fish and a ray silently gliding along the bottom. A special Ecuadorian lunch was served once we returned from snorkeling.

After lunch, we had options to explore the mangrove-covered shorelines and search for young sharks in kayaks or via a Zodiac tour. Everyone was thrilled to witness frolicking sea turtles. As the sun was setting on our exciting day, we relaxed with a wine tasting and dancing while we circumnavigated the famous Daphne Major Islet.

Written by: Katie Doyle and Laura Hageman, Grosvenor Teacher Fellows