This morning, we woke up anchored at Cerro Dragon. This name was given to the site because of the Galapagos land iguanas found on the shores. This area of Santa Cruz is the iguanas’ nesting ground. At this time of year, the iguanas are already mating and building burrows to lay eggs that will incubate during the hot season.

At the lagoon near the beach, we encountered an American flamingo. This species is very important, as there are less than 500 individuals in the whole archipelago. They are nesting on the islands and have become residents of the brackish water lagoons. They move locations constantly to find food.

Then we started to move inland, closer to the arid zone of Santa Cruz. The area is covered by palo santo trees. Here, we found land iguanas, including several females near the nesting sites and males camouflaged in the vegetation. On the beach, we saw marine iguanas on the red carpetweed. The endemic succulent is very characteristic of this area.

We went back to the ship and started to get ready for deep-water snorkeling at Guy Fawkes Islet. We explored the deep wall full of marine invertebrates, a variety of marine life, and various coral species.

Back on the ship, a display of Ecuadorian produce was set up in the dining room. The crew delighted us with wonderful dishes from different parts of Ecuador, including fruits, desserts, and decorations. It was a truly interesting and delicious foodie experience!

The afternoon was full of activities with kayaking, paddleboarding, Zodiac tours, and Zodiac driving lessons for the kids. We enjoyed spending time at Bahia Borrero, a beautiful bay surrounded by white sand beaches and incredible wildlife.

During sunset, we had a wine tasting event. We all gathered on the observation deck to toast new friendships, exciting travels, and the Galapagos!