Today was giant tortoise day! There is no better place to find giant tortoises in the wild than Santa Cruz highlands. Our day started early in the morning taking our Zodiacs and landing for first time in the northern part of Santa Cruz Island. Then we took buses and after a scenic drive or less than 30 minutes we arrived at our first stop: The Twins. These two craters are amazing geological formations where we also had the opportunity to observe different species of finches and plants that are unique the humid zone. Later, we drove to Rancho Manzanillo, where giant tortoises roam freely around this beautiful property. After the visit, we had lunch on the ranch, and later we took again our buses back down again to the coast where we boarded our Zodiacs to get back to the ship. After some down time, we took out our Zodiacs, this time to visit a beautiful beach: Las Bachas. This was the perfect way of ending an unforgettable day.