We took a good look at a few giant tortoises in Urbina Bay, Isabela Island, but we all wanted a bit more giant tortoise information. These gentle giants are one of the most charismatic of the Galapagos characters. Where to start? At the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center managed by the Galapagos National Park Directorate in Puerto Ayora. Here, we saw them in all shapes and sizes, from babies a few months old to venerable reptiles older than all of us!

Lindblad Expeditions supports local initiatives aimed at potentially diminishing the introduction of new invasive species. Granja Integral Ochoa is a place that provides this beneficial support. The hydroponic system is highly efficient and generates fresh vegetables without having to import them from mainland Ecuador. And the quality is so high we serve them to our guests and crew on an almost daily basis. Plus, the Ochoa family makes you feel at home with their warmth, freshly brewed coffee, and scrumptious empanadas.

The day wasn’t over yet. Next, we went to Manzanillo Ranch for a meal and more interactions with Santa Cruz giant tortoises. Lunch was fabulous and the tortoises plentiful. It was another wonderful day in paradise!