We started the day by visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we learned about the many conservation projects the institute has been working on since the 1960s. We observed baby giant tortoises that recently hatched in captivity. In five to seven years, these tortoises will return to their home islands. We observed saddleback giant tortoises from different islands and had time to learn about the iconic Lonesome George at a hall dedicated to him.

The afternoon was spent in the highlands of Santa Cruz. Several guests went to a hydroponic farm, Granja Integral Ochoa, and the rest visited El Trapiche, a farm dedicated to cultivating coffee, sugarcane, and cocoa trees. The day ended with a visit to Manzanillo Ranch, where about a hundred giant tortoises were patiently waiting for us to arrive. A delicious lunch was served surrounded by those amazing giant creatures.

Everyone had the opportunity to get a National Geographic picture and their next Christmas family picture. The smiles on our guests’ faces let us know it was a great day.