We see a new day on the North of Santa Cruz. We have some coffee and get ready for more adventures here. Zodiacs take us into the shore for a dry landing on black lava rock. A small beach of white sand harbors the magic of colors on the green and red vegetation growing here, on which marine iguanas bask ahead of the next underwater feeding. Flying overhead are boobies and pelicans plunging and diving.

In the interior trail leading to palo santo trees we encounter a different world. A world of land creatures. Finches, mockingbirds, flycatchers, among others—all looking for food. Around a small ash cone formation, we encounter the beautiful and fearless land iguana, an icon of Galapagos conservation and a symbol of resistance to adversity in a fragile world. Later we set out for snorkeling, encountering the rich and diverse underwater world of the Galapagos. Abundant life like no other place on earth.

In the afternoon, we head out again. This time for rounds of Zodiac rides along the coastal mangroves with rich, diverse, and abundant life. Kayakers and paddle boarders enjoy the opportunity to work out, while gliding by wildlife such as young sharks, rays, and turtles who rest and take shelter here.