The day began with a morning stretch at sunrise on the aft Lido deck. After a delicious breakfast, there were briefings on safety, snorkeling, and kayaking. We took the newly acquired snorkel gear out for a spin in the waters near San Evaristo. There were a myriad of interesting fish and invertebrates to keep everyone’s attention.

Gemina provided an expedition photography talk before our afternoon adventure to Kelley’s Beach on Isla San Jose. Just as everyone arrived at the beach to begin hiking, a pod of dolphin was spotted. In true expedition style we all jumped back into our Zodiacs and went out to take advantage of this fortuitous wildlife encounter.

A variety of hikes were offered on Isla San Jose and everyone was able to enjoy the desert landscape at their own pace. Back onboard National Geographic Venture, the evening was celebrated on the Aft Lido deck with a “Baja Sunset” beverage and ceviche. The evening concluded with a round of recaps from the naturalist team on diatoms, fish, birds, and whales.