San Cristobal gave us the opportunity of enjoying the three species of boobies all together: the red-footed, the blue-footed, and the Nazca booby. Punta Pitt offers the different kinds of terrains they need for nesting. The pelagic ones, the red-footed boobies, choose bushes and trees, as they are the only ones with prehensile feet. The Nazca boobies, which fish in between the islands, nest along the edges of the high tuff formations. They are the heaviest; therefore, they take advantage of the cliffs and winds for taking off. As for the blue-footed boobies, they nest on the flat ground, where they leave their characteristic guano rings. Blue-footed boobies fish very close to shore, and with this perfect organization, all the three can share the same archipelago, the same island even, but avoiding competition for feeding areas and nesting grounds.

The waters around Punta Pitt had great visibility, so snorkelers once again enjoyed the colors of the marine world. During the afternoon, we had the opportunity to commune with sea lions, iguanas, and birds. Cerro Brujo looked spectacular with the sun lighting its brow-yellowish hills. Moreover, to make it a perfect day we sailed around Kicker Rock at the time the sun was setting and the moon rising. We have had a fantastic expedition in the Galapagos Islands.