Pitt Point is the nearest land to mainland Ecuador, which is 600 miles away. We started our day with a climb through a canyon shaped mostly by Pacha Mama (Mother Earth in Quichua). We arrived in an area where red-footed boobies nest, and the land is mostly volcanic ash or tuff. We took a vigorous hike to enjoy exotic endemic wildlife as well as the fantastic, out of this world landscape. All three species of boobies nest here over the course of the year. Red-footed boobies are the most abundant.

We sailed for about three hours before finding anchorage at Cerro Brujo, another paradisiacal site on San Cristobal. We visited a beach with the finest, whitest sand nature can produce. Sea lions relaxed after fishing, and boobies and pelicans dove for fish just offshore. The landscape is outstanding. Later, we navigated around the Galapagos Islands with a glass of wine in hand to celebrate. Hasta la vista amigos!