On our last full day of the expedition, we visited San Cristobal, one of the oldest islands in the Galapagos. We landed on a green olivine beach and began our hike amid the volcanic scenery. The peaks of tuff high made this site very different from what we already observed. Our senses were alert as we searched for red-footed boobies, which we soon encountered at close range. At Punta Pitt, we felt the heat and humidity of the sunny day and we couldn’t wait to enjoy some beach time, splashing in the waves with friendly sea lions.

Later, we took a final walk on a white sand beach at Cerro Brujo. At high tide, the ocean sent us waves of different lengths and frequencies as though saying good-bye. We then returned to the ship for a sunset cruise by Kicker Rock, an impressive tuff formation jutting out of the water close to the shoreline.

Farewell, amigos.