Early in the morning, we visited Punta Pitt at San Cristobal Island, the easternmost of the islands in the Galapagos. The impressive cliff side is a hallmark of the site. Hiking through lava formations led us to a trail with a unique landscape. It was a perfect nesting site for red-footed and blue-footed boobies. The surrounding landscape, perfect for photos, is so colorful due to the red and green Sesuvium.

In the afternoon, National Geographic Islander anchored in front of one of the prettiest beaches in the archipelago, Cerro Brujo. We even saw a Galapagos sea lion on the white sand beach!

Later the same afternoon, National Geographic Islander sailed around Kicker Rock. This impressive rock formation is an ancient volcano. It is famous for its shape and is a popular resting spot for marine birds. We enjoyed a perfect sunset at the end of the day.