National Geographic Resolution is up for all challenges. To dock in the city of Saint Maló, it is necessary to go through a lock with a mere 1.5-meter safety margin on each side. Captain Heidi and her crew of magnificent sailors expertly crossed the lock.

After arriving to the beautiful city of Saint Maló, some of us walked around the little shops and bought souvenirs. Hundreds of such shops are found among the city’s walled streets.

Others headed towards Mont Saint Michel, famous for being a fortress that can only be accessed at low tide. When it rises, the sea is in charge of defending this place that looks like it is from a fairytale. We walked through the streets and admired the architecture of such a place.

The sun was present all day. At sunset, Captain Heidi and her crew crossed the lock with the last rays of sun and headed for the Channel Islands.

It was time to say goodbye to Brittany and France and to begin our adventure in the United Kingdom.