As morning dawned, we were lucky enough to have calm seas. We started the day with naturalist Mark Vogler presenting on, “The Greatest Explorer: Hubert Who?” He described the explorations of Sir Hubert Wilkins, one of the lesser-known explorers even though he accomplished a great deal.

Today was a big day for our youngest guest, who celebrated his seventh birthday. He hosted a trivia quiz, coming up with most of the questions on his own (with a little help from his parents)! We had a lot of fun guessing the name of the dinosaur that roamed the Antarctic a long time ago.

In the afternoon, guests presented two of their favorite photos from the trip during the Photo Talent Show. They included stories and even a poem about what led them to take the photo or what the photo meant to them.

As always, the hotel department put on a scrumptious afternoon tea that was enlivened with continued birthday celebrations, including songs and a signed flag as a present. After tea, undersea specialist James Hyde gave a fascinating presentation on oceanography.

The day wasn’t over! After dinner, James hosted an auction to raise money for the Antarctic Heritage Trust. All the money raised will go to the conservation of Antarctica’s historic sites, including Borchgrevink’s Hut, which we visited at Cape Adare.