A day sailing on the beautiful Adriatic Sea offered something for everybody! From fascinating lectures on ancient and modern Croatia, to afternoon swim calls and ice cream sundaes, to a nighttime photo adventure in Split — our guests had the options to engage, relax, and enjoy the fabulous Sea Cloud in all her glory!

The crew hoisted sails after breakfast, and guests toured the bridge and engine room in small groups. Guests learned how many of the ship’s original systems are still functioning today, and how the Sea Cloud is committed to delivering a modern product with historically significant charm. Seeing the technical systems of the ship made us appreciate even more the dulcet piano tones floating from the lido deck during lunch.

The expedition team held lectures throughout the day, starting with historian Rebecca Ingram’s “The Allure of Illyria: Romans in the Adriatic.” This introduction to the famous and often mythical Illyrian culture gave context to the incredible sights we have seen so far. Croatian cultural specialist Zrinka Sapro lectured on the history of Croatia; details included her family’s personal experiences during the war, the varied opinions of Tito the Yugoslavian dictator, the Dayton Agreement signed in Ohio in 1995, and the cultural connections and borders that we experience today. It’s important to have experts to untangle the complex histories of this fascinating region!

After a delightful meal in the dining room — again featuring local Croatian wines — certified photo instructor Sue Forbes offered a nighttime photography walk. The subject was the famous and hopping nightlife of the Diocletian Palace, which is now the core of the city of Split. With cooler temperatures and incredible lighting, many guests took the opportunity to stretch their legs and try out some new photo tricks from her earlier lecture “Travel Photography in Europe and on the Sea Cloud.