Guests and naturalists were eager to start a new expedition this morning. Rio Seco, located on the Osa peninsula, is a special place where most of the land is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of heavy rainforest. Reforesting efforts over the past 33 years have transformed this area formerly used for cattle. Visitors can now observe both the secondary forest along with a primary forest located in the mountain range. Water springs born in the mountains make their way down to the beach.

We received a warm welcome on this beautiful sunny day. We visited incredible gardens with an abundance of flowers and fruit trees. Animals looked for snacks from jackfruit trees and water apple plants in the deepest areas. Gorgeous scarlet macaws called loudly to one another. The birds are everywhere, but we cannot get enough of their beauty. We cleaned our muddy shoes at the end of the morning, crossing our fingers as we hoped for the opportunity to return.

Right after lunch, we visited Golfito to experience the mangrove by kayak or Zodiac. Everyone enjoyed the beauty of lush vegetation and water, a unique ecosystem that hosts a variety of birds, reptiles and fish.

What a great way to say goodbye to Costa Rica. This small country covers only 0.03% of the world’s surface, but it contains almost 5% of the planet’s total biodiversity. Moving forward, our guests can now attest to the accuracy of this statistic.