Our adventure today brought us to Golfito, one of the most beautiful areas of mangroves in the southwest of Costa Rica. Our morning excursions involved kayaks and Zodiac rides. The mangrove forest works as a barrier that protects the mainland from erosion and flooding. In addition, they are home to numerous species of fish and shrimp. Costa Rica has at least eight species of mangroves and three of the red mangrove species are present at Golfito. During our kayak adventure we saw several birds and heard the noisy howler monkeys which make for the perfect soundtrack for our exotic trip.

The Zodiac rides continued and there were sightings of rare birds, such as the potoo, a nocturnal bird that disguises itself as an extension of a branch.

After lunch we visited Rio Seco, a private reserve that is located adjacent to Corcovado National Park. This incredible place lets us enjoy gardens and a secondary growth forest. The most remarkable sightings in the afternoon were the scarlet macaws and the squirrel monkeys.

It was a great day and now we are on our way to Panama.