We bid farewell to Costa Rica on a high note by visiting the beautiful, private reserve of Rio Seco this morning. We were so pleased to see a second growth forest regenerating in the private reserve, allowing species to reestablish themselves in nature.

We divided into groups for different hikes and gentle strolls around the garden. Plant and tree life is so diverse that it can be overwhelming. Along the trail, we were surprised by a large troop of squirrel monkeys passing through to possibly feed on the arthropods on the bromeliads.

We enjoyed listening to the beautiful calls from bird species in the understory. It is common to see the black-hooded antshrike in the shaded understory. We also got to see other birds, including scarlet macaws and great curassows in the garden. Birdwatching was the highlight of the day for many guests.

In the afternoon, we repositioned to Golfito and toured around the mangrove. To our surprise, we got to see a lot of howler monkeys along the water’s edge in this beautiful spot.

We really can say we got to experience Pura Vida during our last day here! Tomorrow, we move to Panama.