Today was the last day of our expedition through Belize. We enjoyed one last afternoon of very pleasant weather, during which we explored one more of the cayes. Our destination for the day was Ranguana Caye, a small island paradise surrounded by turquoise water and coral reefs. Coconut palms cover a good amount of the island’s surface, and red-footed boobies and ospreys use them as a perch, where they must be able to see the majesty of the Caribbean Sea.

We snorkeled at a wonderful location, with the assistance of our local guides. Not only is the diversity of coral amazing, but the general health of that coral is also still quite good. That in turn creates a healthy habitat for other organisms, leading to an outstanding diversity of fish. Today we saw queen and French angelfish, blue surgeonfish, hamlets, four-eyed butterflyfish, and many others.

We were also lucky to experience a facet of true Belizean culture by listening to the live music of the Garifuna Collective. The band joined us from the mainland to play for us on the beach. With amazing skill and great sound, the musicians created an atmosphere of joy and rhythm. Many of us danced barefoot on the white sand, realizing how fortunate we have been to explore the fascinating country of Belize, and to enjoy this very special performance of the Garifuna music.