On our last full day of exploration in the islands of the South Pacific, we sailed to the largest atoll in the Tuamotu Archipelago: Rangiroa. Early in the morning, we entered the lagoon through one of the atoll’s many inlets. Bow-riding dolphins welcomed us along the way. It was an exciting way to begin a day of adventures in the water. Our morning landing at the idyllic Green Lagoon provided opportunities to snorkel, swim, and paddleboard along the reef. A tropical rain squall quickly gave way to bright sun, and the hotel department served ice cream on the beach. We later repositioned to an area dubbed “The Aquarium,” located just to the east. On our final snorkel of the trip, we encountered the most fish seen yet: sergeants, butterflyfish, groupers, and dozens more. Some lucky guests even spotted an octopus camouflaging among the coral. Our day began and ended with dolphins. We watched them from the bow as we exited the lagoon of Rangiroa at sunset to make our way back towards Tahiti.

Photo caption: Undersea specialist Brett Garner photographs the diversity of fish at our afternoon snorkel location, "The Aquarium." Photo by Alex Krowiak