Today we visited the island of San Cristobal. We started our day with a hike at Punta Pitt, where we walked uphill along a beautiful tuff landscape. Here we could observe the last of the three species of boobies found in the Galapagos, the red-footed booby. We also found nesting blue-footed boobies.

We ended this hike with a refreshing swim at the beach, while our National Geographic Global Explorers went for Zodiac driving lessons around the bay. In the afternoon, while some went for kayaking along the shore of Cerro Brujo, others went to visit a beautiful white sand beach. Here we had the opportunity to relax and practice our photography skills as the light of the afternoon started to get better with the sunset.

We ended our day navigating around Kicker Rock, a tuff cone in the middle of the ocean, while our bartenders onboard National Geographic Islander offered different kinds of wine on the sky deck.