There is nothing quite like waking up to flat glassy seas bathed in pink by the first rays of sunlight that sneak behind the rocks of Puerto Los Gatos. One of the first things you notice are these lithified sand dunes; petrified mounts of sand that extend from the rocks in red and orange hues. We greet the morning with a stretch class by our phenomenal Wellness Specialist Lola, who also preps us for our morning snorkel. We see the usual suspects of the Midriff Islands, the chubs, the Cortez angelfish, the puffers and cornets – and some of us were even lucky enough to spot an octopus. Following our time underwater, we got to enjoy the gems of the beach - its dramatic vegetation changing inland contrasting the dunes. After soaking in some sun, our guests enjoyed dips in the water, followed by kayaking and paddle boarding explorations.

Towards the afternoon, we split up into different walks. Some explored the desert vegetation; some followed the songs of birds and others enjoyed the tide pools; and some took up a photography session. We were greeted by our amazing crew and hospitality team that set up a sunset barbeque for us which we enjoyed until the stars came out. The bonfire was set and some of us set out to explore the luminescent scorpion wonders of the desert. On our way back we enjoyed a lot of stargazing and bioluminescent plankton in the water. Not a bad end to a Christmas Eve.