On our first full day aboard National Geographic Venture, we started the day early to catch the right currents to enter Princess Louisa Inlet. We watched the sun rise over the mountains as we cruised via Zodiac through this deep fjord system of British Columbia. Evidence of glaciers was everywhere—from U-shaped valleys to sheer rock faces. We spent the morning soaking in this magical place. Harbor seals, Barrow’s goldeneyes, and bald eagles greeted us as we cruised toward shore for our first hikes through the coastal temperate rainforest. Guests learned of the Douglas firs and western red cedars that adorn the region, as well as the rich understory of mosses and fungi.

After a chilly morning hike, we headed back to the ship and started cruising out of Jervis Inlet. We enjoyed the rare warm and sunny weather, not often experienced in mid-October in the Pacific Northwest, and we even saw two humpback whales close to our ship. After a bright red sunset, guests settled into the ship for nighttime recaps of the day and a presentation by National Geographic visitor, Ashli Akins. What a wonderful way to start our trip!

Photographers: Kelly Ferron, Naturalist, and Alex Rubenstein, Photo Instructor