We woke up to sunshine and Pourquoi Pas Island. The island was discovered by Jean Baptiste Charcot’s French Antarctic Expedition in 1908-1910. Pourquoi pas means ‘Why not’ in French.

After breakfast, we landed at an Adelie penguin colony. Some guests chose to stretch their legs during a longer hike. The penguins were on their nests, and we were fortunate enough to see the first of this year’s chicks.

We returned to National Geographic Endurance with plans to steam around to Horseshoe Island for a spot of kayaking after lunch. However, our killer whale scientists spotted pack ice killer whales about 15 miles away in Ryder Bay. We quickly changed our plans and steamed over to where they were last seen. Why not? We were rewarded with fantastic views of the world’s top predator.

An early recap by the naturalist staff was followed by kayaking at Horseshoe Island for those who fancied it. A few hardy souls also took part in a ‘Polar Plunge.’ Why not?

And as if that wasn’t enough of a jam-packed day, we went in search of fast ice in Blind Bay after dinner, making the most of the long hours of daylight. Mulled cider on the fast ice underneath the midnight sun? Why not?!