Our day began just offshore at Floreana Island, with a relaxing morning of kayaking at “el mirador de la Baronesa” in the company of plenty of sea turtles and sea lions. In another pre-breakfast activity we visited Post Office Bay, where we delivered our postcards to the post office to send to friends and family back home, but also took a few left behind by other travelers, to hand-deliver ourselves.

Later this morning we had the opportunity to ride a dinghy around Champion Islet in front of Floreana, and to snorkel around it afterwards. These are beautiful clear waters overflowing with sea lions and plenty of colorful species of reef fish.

After a tasty Ecuadorian lunch we had the chance to hike around Cormorant Point and check out the brackish lagoon located behind the beach. Plenty of shorebirds inhabit this área, which also features wonderful geological and geographical features.