Wow! Today was another beautiful sunny day in Southeast Alaska! The morning of blanketed fog welcomed us with ominous uncertainty for the day to come — but as the land warmed up and the fog dissipated, the spectacular landscape of Chichagof Island revealed itself. We started our morning with a landing of hikes and kayaking at Port Althorp; hikers found brown bear tracks and salmon remnants, while kayakers explored the jelly-infested saltwater cove.

After repositioning the ship to the north side of the Inian Islands, guests hopped onto our Zodiacs for a slew of incredible wildlife encounters. This northernmost entrance to the inside passage is known for its stunning marine life and whale sightings, and today was no exception. Several humpback whales appeared mere moments after taking off from the fantail; soon we also spotted puffins, sea lions, and adorable sea otters. Following all these encounters with marine and avian life, passing Bird Rock was the cherry on top. All the sounds, smells, and sights of nature were on full display. We wrapped up this incredible day with recaps on tides and fat bears and humpback whale identification — then finished the celebration with a delicious crème brûlée and a photography presentation from naturalist Bryan Holliday.