Our group began the day with an enchanting morning visit to the ancient ruins of Pompeii. We explored the well-preserved remnants of this historic city, marveling at the poignant reminders of its past. The morning's adventure set a captivating tone, enriched by knowledgeable guides who brought Pompeii's history to life.

Following this, we embarked on a delightful walking tour of Salerno. We strolled through charming streets, absorbing the vibrant atmosphere and admiring the blend of medieval and modern architecture. The afternoon was filled with picturesque views and the warm hospitality of the locals.

As dusk approached, Sea Cloud anchored just outside Amalfi. Guests enjoyed a sumptuous meal on deck, serenaded by the gentle waves. The evening culminated in a spectacular display of fireworks over Amalfi, painting the sky with vibrant colors. After this, we headed out to the lido deck and screened a movie at sea, creating unforgettable memories for everyone aboard.