The last day of our journey began with a lovely sunrise. The sun revealed a lush forest along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. National Geographic Quest slowly approached Drake’s Bay and dropped anchor in front of Caletas Beach.

Right after breakfast, we geared up and went to shore to explore this paradise. Several options were offered to our guests. Mother Nature was kind, and we enjoyed learning all about the dynamics of the forest.

We returned on board and repositioned the ship towards our afternoon destination, Agujitas River. Zodiac cruises were offered to guests, who were eager to explore the wonders of the river. As soon as we announced the cruises, guests were prepared to jump in the Zodiacs.

Mother Nature granted us sightings of spider monkeys, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, three-toed sloths, night herons, and many other bird species. It was a great way to finish our journey exploring the wonders of Costa Rica and Panama.