Early in the morning, National Geographic Quest arrived in Playa Blanca to begin a special day. First, we visited remote areas to learn more about the people in this region. Juan Cubillo welcomed guests by sharing his life experiences. He was a gold panner on the Osa Peninsula before he started his work to preserve the rainforest.

Later, our adventure took us to don Johnny’s sugarcane mill. After explaining the history of sugarcane, he showed our guests how it is processed and turned into delicious sweets such as “sobado” and “melcocha.”

After all this excitement, we delighted in a stunning display of folkloric dances. More family visits took place in the afternoon. Guests toured doña Eida´s heart of palm plantation and enjoyed delicious, freshly prepared treats.

To finish an exciting day, scientists and volunteers from an NGO presented their research regarding sea turtles. They taught us how they obtain data from the reptiles. Later, we observed a sea turtle’s release into the water.