To say that today was a fun-filled day would be an extreme understatement. After enjoying Petersburg’s firework show last night, we docked this morning to have the chance to spend the day celebrating with a variety of tour activities and the festivities in town. Bike rides, muskeg hikes, cultural walks, and of course Petersburg’s 4th of July parade! Meanwhile, our undersea team ventured out to explore below the surface, filming a wonderful smorgasbord of colorful life, from large painted anemones, helmet crabs, nudibranchs, gumboot chitons, and a giant sunflower star.

As we made our way again into beautifully sunny, calm conditions, our bridge team slowed and turned the ship back in the direction of Petersburg – killer whales! Cruising along with a large, mellow group of resident killer whales was a wonderful way to round out the day before settling in for an exciting game of Alaska Jeopardy as the sun went down.