We had such an incredibly beautiful and activity-filled day. After anchoring in Petersburg, expedition groups headed out in all directions. This morning, some guests chose to take a tour of the harbor. Others headed out on bikes to Sandy Beach Park. Two groups headed over to the muskeg for a tour of a unique and quintessential Alaskan ecosystem. Some guests chose a tour of the quaint and hardworking town of Petersburg.

In downtown Petersburg, you could feel anticipation building for the 4th of July weekend as locals hung flags and readied themselves for the holiday festivities. Guests bumped into each other in coffee shops and local bookstores and enjoyed fish and chips at a local eatery in town. Many were moved by the Lost at Sea Memorial adjacent to the Sons of Norway Community Center in Sing Lee Alley. Some picked up some extra rain gear at the hardware store even though we have yet to really need it on this expedition. It is always good to be prepared.

Those on the biking expedition had a lovely morning cruising through town and along the water to Sandy Beach Park. We met up with some of the youngest members of our expedition for playground fun. The children played to their hearts’ content with family and extended family. We have a wonderful group of young expeditioners whom we call Global Explorers, and they have met the challenge of big hikes and amaze us all with their inquisitive minds.

This afternoon, flight seeing tours departed and we had the pleasure of watching them land right in front of our ship. An adventurous group of hikers trekked up through the muskeg and over to the other side. We had a few minutes to catch our breath near a gorgeous hidden marine inlet where we felt we had all of Alaska to ourselves.

On our way back, we encountered members of our underwater team who were just completing an expedition dive. We eagerly await the chance to see the underwater footage they captured for us all!

It was truly a magical day in Petersburg, and just when we thought we had experienced it all...three orcas cruised by our ship at dock in Petersburg. A perfect ending to a perfect day!