Overnight, National Geographic Sea Lion brought us through Frederick Sound from Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness to the town of Petersburg, Alaska. We spent the morning exploring the historic town with our cameras, and some guests took a trail through the misty temperate rainforest to visit a muskeg. We boarded the ship in the afternoon and headed south, enjoying the scenery in Wrangell Narrows as we cruised along looking for wildlife. Later in the afternoon, naturalist Bette Lu Krause gave a wonderful talk about her time as a young woman on the high seas travelling the world as a merchant marine. In the evening, just as we were about to sit for dinner, we got a visit from a pod of killer whales! Everyone enjoyed sunset on the bow as we watched these incredible mammals. After some time enjoying their company, we were beckoned back to the dining room for crab night—a crowd favorite—and capped off the evening with a very humorous and insightful talk about the life cycle of salmon by naturalist Luke Manson.