Today the guests aboard National Geographic Venture were able to explore a quintessential Southeast Alaskan fishing town, Petersburg Alaska. It was also the first day guests were able to experience the Tongass National Forest and learn about muskegs. A variety of activity options were offered, including the Haa Aani Cultural Tour to learn about the history and life of the Tlingit people, the Ravens Roost hike to learn about life in Petersburg and enjoy a beautiful muskeg, a bike ride through town to stretch one’s legs, and time to explore town. Everyone had a great fun-filled day of exploration, emersed in the lifestyle of Southeast Alaska.

Back on board we enjoyed cocktail hour along with the recap and an introduction into what the next day’s adventure would be. Dinner was then served, an all you could eat Dungeness crab fest, with a desert of key lime pie, and an after-dinner presentation to learn all about Alaska’s geology, by naturalist Jenn. It was a wonderful day of Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness!