Alaska is dotted with small communities and villages, each with its own spirit and story. Petersburg is one of these communities, and it’s one of the highlights of the Alaskan experience aboard National Geographic Quest. Docking early in Petersburg allows guests to see this small island town come to life in the morning.

Fishing vessels drift out of the harbor, eager to secure the day’s catch of herring, salmon or halibut. Fishing being the life blood of Petersburg, the harbor is a prime place for meeting locals and viewing the array of boats, old and new, that provide transportation to a town devoid of connecting highways. The harbor holds more life under the water’s surface than it does above; our undersea dive team sank into the icy depths to document the beautiful bouquet of sea anemones, starfish, and crabs that make the Petersburg dock their home.

Guests had many options for activities in town, including guided bike tours, a muskeg hike on an adjacent island, a longer aerobic hike to Raven’s Roost Viewpoint, Zodiac cruises, guided dock walks, or even just taking time to explore town on their own. Whatever the choice, time spent in Petersburg is always uniquely Alaskan.