Thanksgiving found us off the coast of Paulet Island. Guests experienced a morning much different than the traditional Macy's Parade… a parade of Adelie penguins on the move!

Guests boarded Zodiacs and were delighted to watch groups of Adelies jump in and out of the surf, while keeping an eye on the sly leopard seal poking his head up just offshore. It was astounding to watch the penguins waddle on shore and then dive in and swim so gracefully through the water. Cruising offshore gave folks the chance to snap the iconic photo of penguins posing on icebergs!

Guests landed on the beach and were immediately greeted by Adelies making use of the penguin highways along the coast. A short hike led to the remains of the stone hut left behind by the Swedish Antarctic Expedition of 1903. Penguins had reclaimed the structure, with several birds nesting in the ruins. Continuing past the cabin led to a frozen lake, where penguins demonstrated their best tobogganing techniques: paddling along with their fins and feet.

We set sail heading south and our dreams came true: several groups of emperor penguins waddled and paddled across the ice and dove into the sea right at our bow.

For some, a delicious traditional turkey dinner topped off the best Thanksgiving ever! All on board were grateful for the day, the adventure, and the relatively calm seas!