Today, National Geographic Resolution navigated to two islands in the Weddell Sea to allow opportunities for hikes and/or Zodiac cruises.

In the morning, we visited Paulet Island. Located off the northeastern end of the Antarctic Peninsula, the mile-wide, volcanic island is made of lava flows. Paulet is part of the James Ross Island Volcanic Group. Guests visited a stone hut that was built by survivors of the shipwreck of the Antarctica in February 1903.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a wonderful but tough hike to one of the two peaks on Devil Island, another volcanic island. Guests enjoyed a steep hike to experience panoramic views at the summit. Devil Island is an ice-free island that is also part of the James Ross Island Volcanic Group. The island is recognized as Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International. It supports a large breeding colony of Adélie penguins.