The Sea Cloud was a lively ship this morning, full of activity and excitement. To start the day, the Captain sent the crew aloft and every sail on the Sea Cloud was set. Gentle wind conditions allowed us to take Zodiac photo safaris around the ship and photograph the majestic vessel under full sail from the water line. The calm seas also enabled a refreshing impromptu morning swim from the ship. Back on board, historian David Brotherson gave a presentation about daily life in Pompeii in preparation for our visit tomorrow.

In the afternoon we travelled inland through the countryside to visit the ancient city of Paestum. Founded in the early 6th century, here three major Greek temples are still intact; this is especially remarkable considering they are in an earthquake zone. We also visited a small museum renowned for its exquisite collection of painted tombs. Back on board the ship, expedition leader John Frick treated us to a presentation on the fascinating history of the Sea Cloud followed by a tour of the original owners’ cabins.