Right before sunrise, we left Delfin II on board the skiff. Our plan was to explore the reserve as deeply as possible. A lush forest and the misty morning welcomed us as we cruised through the Pacaya River.

This protected area is patrolled by village people that help as volunteers. They are allowed to use the natural resources of the reserve in a sustainable way. We saw evidence of the project’s success in the diversity of wildlife that we encountered.

We spent the morning enjoying troops of red howler monkeys, brown capuchins, squirrel monkeys, hoatzins, horned screamers, different species of parrots, and majestic blue-and-yellow macaws. Black caimans and yellow-spotted turtles were seen basking along the river’s edge. We made a short pause in a ranger station for breakfast. Once we got energized, we continued our expedition.

Upon our return, we stopped in Yanayacu Lagoon. Here, we enjoyed the blessing of the Upper Amazon as we all jumped in the black waters of the lagoon. Pink dolphins swam close by, curious about the new mammals swimming near them. It was a moment we will never forget.

Another great day exploring the Upper Amazon.