Today we had the chance to explore one of the most remote areas in this region, the Pacaya River. The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is composed of multiple rivers and creeks. All these waterways bring an incredible amount of water from the inner Amazon basin. Rich in nutrients and minerals, this water mixes with the main river systems, which, in time, flow right into the Amazon River.

Our journey started early. For a few hours, we traveled on our skiffs along the Pacaya River. The landscape in this area is somehow even more beautiful than what we have seen so far, and it feels even more pristine. Our journey was quite eventful, and we stopped several times to observe troops of howler, squirrel, and capuchin monkeys foraging in the treetops. Impressive flocks of snowy egrets, neotropical cormorants, and the famous “jabirus,” or wood storks, were a common sighting today.

We journeyed deep into the reserve and spent quite a bit of time observing. Our efforts paid off, as we even encountered a capybara crossing the river. The cavy was, of course, photographed by many!

Our great galley crew made the journey to surprise us with a delicious lunch along the river. We even got to jump in a lake to refresh ourselves. As we were swimming in the relaxing waters, we were surprised by pink river dolphins that circled the lake, adding another highlight to an already terrific day!