The Pacaya River was spectacular today! We started our exploration very early; at 0545 we were already out, with high spirits and expectations. The remote Pacaya River is the farthest destination we will visit on our expedition this week, and it is certainly one of the highlights due to its beauty and remoteness. Our fleet of three skiffs formed an exploration caravan, going as far as we could looking for wildlife. We had extraordinary sightings! Some highlights included pink river dolphins, macaws, monkeys, and egrets.

After a couple hours of exploring, we stopped under some shade to have our breakfast served outdoors, on board the skiffs! This experience is simply wonderful! We felt immersed in the rainforest while we had our early meal served in the most fashionable way — including white gloves on our Delfin II naturalists’ hands and hot coffee, all accompanied by the lush green surroundings and a concert of nature’s sounds. After breakfast we continued exploring, then had a brief stop at a Reserve Warden's vigilance point to stretch our legs and use toilet facilities. We then had the opportunity to swim in Yanayacu Lake as well — it was so refreshing!

In the late afternoon, we visited the Magdalena River. It was very sunny, allowing us to see the vibrant colors of a long list of neotropical bird species. It was certainly a long day but well worth the effort! The remoteness and “expecting the unexpected” made this day of exploration a very special one for all of us.