Nothing compares to starting the day in a tropical paradise with lots of wildlife, beautiful weather, and nice company. This morning, we had the chance to use our Zodiacs to explore one of the most biologically intense places on Earth: the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica.

While exploring Agujitas River in Drake’s Bay, we enjoyed sightings of kingfishers, night herons, sandpipers, waterthrushes, hawks, swallows, macaws, tanagers, woodpeckers, woodcreepers, antshrikes, puffbirds, and wrens, just to name a few. We also observed iguanas and basilisks on the riverside and riverbanks, plus some howler monkeys up in the canopy of this lush rainforest.

After a delicious lunch, we repositioned to Caletas Beach, where we had the opportunity to go hiking and take nature walks. Mother Nature did not disappoint, and we spotted white-faced capuchins and spider monkeys. In addition, we were lucky enough to find brown-throated three-toed sloths in the trees. We finished the day with a beautiful sunset, green flash included!