Today, during the first day of our expedition in the Galapagos, we visited North Seymour Island. This island is a must see if you visit the archipelago, as it provides home and shelter to many endemic and native species. The highlight of this visitor site is the large colony of nesting frigatebirds which can be observed as you walk along the trail.

This morning the island was in all its splendor! We observed countless male frigatebirds with their gular pouches displayed, hoping to find a female frigate with which to breed. As we walked along the trail, we watched several blue-footed booby couples performing their courting rituals and world-famous mating dance to our guests’ delight.

Land iguanas were not scarce either. This species inhabits this island and can be observed by the lava rocks, usually looking for vegetation to eat or just peacefully resting under a palo santo tree.

Seymour Island didn’t disappoint today, and we can’t wait to explore the rest of the archipelago!