During our first full day of exploration in the Galapagos, our morning expedition led us to the captivating North Seymour Island, followed by an afternoon adventure on Rabida Island.

After an early breakfast, North Seymour welcomed us with its rugged terrain and vibrant wildlife. As we hiked the island, we encountered a seabird colony of iconic blue-footed boobies, magnificent and great frigatebirds, swallow tail gulls, and more. Giant land iguanas roamed the terrain, feeding on the arid vegetation of the island.

Later, our journey continued to Rabida Island, where the landscape shifted to a stunning contrast of red sand beaches and turquoise waters. First thing in the afternoon, everyone went ashore to snorkel over a rocky reef that revealed a vibrant underwater world teeming with life, from colorful reef fish to graceful Galapagos sea lions.