National Geographic Islander II anchored beside the coast of tiny North Seymour Island. After a dry landing, the rocky trail led us to a nesting spot for magnificent frigatebirds. A highlight was a male frigatebird displaying his red, balloon-like gular sac during courtship to attract females for the nesting season.

Blue-footed boobies performed their mating dance along the rocky trail as land iguanas looked for shade.

After lunch and some rest, we got ready for our next adventure on the red-colored island, Rabida. The island’s unique coloration is due to the presence of oxidated iron of volcanic origin. We practiced our snorkeling skills and observed schools of colorful fish. To finish a perfect afternoon, we took a short walk to a nearby saltwater lagoon. We found around twenty Galapagos flamingos feeding on the small shrimp larvae called Artemia. It was the perfect spot for enjoying the sunset.