National Geographic Islander II anchored in the center of the archipelago this morning, and we visited North Seymour Island. Galapagos sea lions and swallow-tailed gulls welcomed us as we landed at a jetty made of lava rocks. On our way inland, we spotted many frigatebirds, including chicks. Two species of frigates nest on the island. We observed adults engaging in typical mating behavior. The males displayed inflated red gular pouches to females flying overhead.

One of the highlights of our walk was the chance to see the famous blue-footed booby mating dance. It is only the beginning of the season, but we observed a few couples displaying as we walked along the path. Since it was very early and not yet too hot, we spotted Galapagos land iguanas all over the trail. They were looking for food in the extremely dry environment.

After spending an amazing time with these creatures, we returned to the ship for a delicious breakfast. The captain repositioned to Rabida Island, known as the red island of the Galapagos. We took advantage of the nice location and weather and invited guests to jump from the stern for a swim.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed snorkeling activities from the uniquely beautiful red sand beach. We observed playful sea lions, sharks, octopuses, and a variety of tropical reef fish. Later, some guests chose to explore the coastline on kayaks and paddleboards while others took a nice walk along the beach of Rabida to visit a lagoon where flamingo nest.

Today was full of activities and great experiences with the wildlife of the Galapagos!